How to heat a home without radiators, boiler or any wet heating system

How to heat a home without radiators, boiler or any wet heating system

The high insulation standard of the modern house, is enabling us to look at home heating systems differently. Heating your home without radiators and a wet heating circuit,

A major component cost of a building project is its heating system, be it underfloor heating, or a traditional radiator and pipework system, and then the boiler or heat pump providing the required heat.

By looking at your heating system differently, there is great potential, not only to save installation and equipment costs, but also to reduce the carbon cost of your heating system.

“A log fire with a heat recovery system can provide all the heat you need in a modern property”

For the ultimate low installation cost, and low running cost heating system, consider heating your home with logs, (hopefully free). Use a heat recovery system to distribute the heat around your home instead of requiring an expensive UFH and plumbing system. Heating a home without radiators.

In a well-insulated home a heat recovery system will maintain up to 85% of the heat present. If you combine that with a low output and slow heat release log fire, that is all you need.  The warmth you require distributed and recirculated around the home.

No plumbing costs, no equipment and servicing costs, free green fuel, and a beautiful log fire centrepiece for your home.

The perfect low financial and carbon cost heating system for those brave enough to think about home heating differently.