The Completely Green ‘Green Technology Showroom and Advice Centre’

The Completely Green ‘Green Technology Showroom and Advice Centre’


The concept behind the Completely Green Showroom and Advice Centre is to give visitors the chance to get up close and personal with the green technologies they may wish to use to improve their home, just as they would with any other substantial home improvement.

With the intent of helping to increase the uptake of domestic green technologies, completely Green offers a totally unbiased and non profit making advisory service, guiding potential green consumers to towards the right technologies for their home, their budgets, and to suit their green goals.

As well as advising on the right technologies and differentiating between different key brands, we can also help consumers by giving them the costing guidance essential in evaluating the financial viability of any green home improvement.

We are simply here to help visitors make the right green decisions for themselves and their home.

We also have a network of recommended installers we can introduce clients to if they wish to pursue the installation of a green technology.

“Completely Green is here to help guide visitors to make the right green decisions for their homes, their budgets and their green goals.”

The Green Technologies and Green Brands Displayed

In our green technology showroom we aim to not only show all the key green technologies you might wish to look at and evaluate / learn about, but also to have examples from what we view as the very best key manufacturers in the various technologies. We are hoping over time to expand our range of brands covered, as well as some of the associated technologies, but even at this early stage in the development of the showroom we have examples of all the key technologies from the very best manufacturers.

“We want to help as many people as possible make their home and lifestyle greener”

The brand new Mitsubishi ultra quiet Air Source Heat Pump is not only great value, but one of the most efficient and the quietest heat pumps available, from this worlds leading ASHP manufacturer.

Stiebel Eltron manufacturer the very best heat pumps, not only in terms of build quality, but also in terms of both efficiency and sound.  They are the premium heat pump choice.

We have a working example of a Vaillant ASHP so visitors can hear what a quality heat pump sounds like when running.  Vaillant offer a quality product, that is aesthetically pleasing, quiet, efficient, and tested to the high standard you would expect from this premium heating system manufacturer. Vaillant also have the unique advantage of having their very own network of dedicated Vaillant service engineers available on a 24 hour call out in case of breakdown.

We have example Ground Source Heat Pump units from both Vaillant and Stiebel Eltron, both of which are top of their class and represent the most efficient way to heat your home.

Opus high efficiency log fires have a place in the showroom as logs are carbon neutral biomass and a high efficiency fire is the best way to burn them with the greatest efficiency and thus the lowest level of particulate and gaseous emissions.

That Rais QTee is the most efficient log fire available.  Its size and style make it the easiest to swap with the traditional low efficiency black box log burner, making you log fire greener and more efficient.

The iFore in roof rainwater harvesting system is the most cost effective way to integrate a rainwater system into your home, and is only available through Completely Green.

The Kingspan Varisol solar thermal system is the ideal solution for heating your outdoor swimming pool, or to accompany your log or pellet boiler, and for water heating in off grid situations.


Energy Store thermal stores are an essential accompaniment to your pellet boiler for maximising efficiency, and enable your log boiler to deliver hot water and heating like a combi boiler.

The Klover Diva Slim pellet boiler is the first working demonstration unit in the UK.  Klover offer great value and great looking pellet boiler solutions for carbon neutral heating for high heat loss or off-grid homes.

LG Chem domestic battery storage systems, enable you to get the very most out of your solar pv system, enabling your solar produced power to be used after sundown to help make your home as grid independent as possible.

The UK produce Nuaire Heat recovery systems greatly increase the efficiency of your heating system in the new build highly insulated and air tight home. It also enables the distribution of heat in within a passive house without the need for a wet heating circuit.  A must for the high efficiency new build home.  Soon to be set-up as a working example, so visitors can get a feel for how quiet these systems are when operational.

Our very own electric car charging car port combines bifacial LG panels, for maximum car port production, and the Solar Edge Car Charging inverter to make the ultimate solar pv system for the electric car owner.  Our car ports can be made bespoke to your requirements, out of quality materials, and to the size that suits your property and pv production needs.  Our top line car ports are only available through Completely Green.

The award winning LG range of solar pv panels. Available in a variety of styles and outputs, to suit every requirement and backed by LG’s unbeatable warranty, they are our most recommended solar panels.

The BioRock waste processing system is the ultimate green solution to both on and off grid domestic waste processing, available as a complete energy free system.

The Completely Green showroom building is a product in itself.  Made completely of recycled and waste materials it is modular eco-build that can be designed and built to your specific requirements.  Whether you are looking for a holiday cabin, a home office, or a micro eco-build home, we can supply you one of our unique zero carbon cabins.

Visit the Completely Green Green Technology Showroom and Advice Centre

Our showroom and advice centre is open to visitors by appointment only 10am-4pm Tuesday to Friday.  We offer fully impartial and cost free advice, and will endeavour to provide all the help and advice we can, answering all your questions and linking you up with the right installers for your project. Our aim is simple – we want to help as many people as possible make their home and lifestyle greener.